Isla Seca Rock Outcrop in Zapallar

Isla Seca (“Dry Island”) is the granite outcropping that defines the end of the bay on the right. A popular walk for all is the jaunt around the bay along the rambla to Isla Seca.Leaving the beach, the Rambla begins its winding around the bay.This bench at the beginning of the walk is a wonderful place to sit and take in the beach activity, or to simply read a good book.The path contiues to a castle-like overlook of the beach and bay.  The stone mosaic there is like many seen around Zapallar, for that artisan has been very popular in the community.Typical of the entire network of the Rambla, benches along the way provide an opportunity to sit a spell and enjoy the magnificent vistas.On the walk to Isla Seca, you pass beneath some of the stately Zapallar homes that grace the bay’s shorelineMuch of the year the walk to Isla Seca is in full bloom.  Zapallar is noted for its vegetation, for the mild climate and unique bio-zone allow the florishing of a wide range of varieties of flowers, plants, and trees. The trail leaves you at the doorstep to this magnificent rock jutting into the sea.The climb to the top of Isla Seca is not much of a challenge.  The easier path is around to the right, but you’ll see the younger, more agile ones going up the face.  Reaching the summit rewards one with panoramic views of the bay and mountainsThis point is the beginning/end of the hike between Zapallar and the cemetary.  The rambla continues just a short way past Isla Seca. and from then on it is boulder hopping your way up the coast.Take your time walking back and further your intake of these wonderful vistas.

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