Zapallar’s Beach

The beach of Zapallar, nestled in the bay, is one of the most picturesque you will find. The clean beach of yellow sand is lovely. The water a clear, deep blue. The waves entering the bay and crashing on the shore. The founding fathers of Zapallar were right in preventing the roads that were laid out to go towards the sea, so today automobiles around the bay are limited to only two parking areas. The setting is truly unspoiled.

The beach is usually an active place, with people from all over the world sunning, talking, playing paddle board, or simply reading a good book or taking in the vista.  A collage of colorful umbrellas protects those who have got too much sun, or want an afternoon nap.

Of course, there is the ocean.  Getting into the ocean takes a little mental preparation, for the Humboldt current makes the water cold and the waves can be big enough to be a challenge.  Some only get in for a quick dip to cool off, but for those who can brave the elements, the waves are usually very good fun for frolicking and body-surfing. The hardy swim out to a floating raft, the ‘balsa’.

The Cesar restaurant literally sits on the beach, where one can eat seafood and shellfish, as well as getting a pisco sour, the traditional Chilean cocktail. The kids are attacted to the candy kiosk adjacent to the restaurant.  Umbrellas and beach chairs can usually be rented next to the candy kiosk.

When the waves are crashing off Isla Seca, it can be spectacular.  In winter, you often find this pristine beach totally to yourself.

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