Mar Bravo Park, Zapallar

Mar Bravo is the spot in Zapallar where the Pacific Ocean meets up with the granite of the coastline in spectacular fashion.  The township maintains a park which has become the focal point of the Mar Bravo experience.  The park overlooks the ocean coastline and Cerro de la Cruz.  During the summer, the kids can get a burro ride in this lovely setting between their romps in the playground.  Mar Bravo is the premier place in Zapallar to view the sunset, and many a Zapallarino walk there to capture the sun going down into the Pacific, hoping to catch that last glimmer of green, indicating a good sunny day to follow.

Of course, the Mar Bravo is all about the waves.  On good wave days, one cannot imagine a more spectacular display of water meeting rock.  The waves here can be truely enormous.  Take care to not approach too near the shoreline, for one slip or one big wave can mark the end of your enjoyment.

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