Zapallar Restaurants

The two most well known restaurants in Zapallar are “El Chiringuito” and “El Cesar”.  Both serve excellent seafood and Chilean specialities and have full bars.  While the Cesar and the Chiringito have by far the best atmospheres as far as restaurants go in Zapallar, they are also the most pricy.  But either serve as a highlight to a day visit to town, accompanied by a stroll along the seashore before lunch to work up an appetite.

Cesar Restaurant


This restaurant is lovely and was once the only game in town–the more highly regarded Chiringuito is just a 10 minute walk away and has taken a lot of the energy away from Caesar’s.  However, it is really hard to beat the immediacy of eating right on the beach, especially if you are watching your kids or other members of your group who might be coming to and from the beach during your meal!  Food is excellent and service is better than at El Chiringuito, and they have both indoor or outdoor seating.  If you are in town for more than 1 meal, definitely have a meal at each of these two superb restaurants.

Chiringito Restaurant


Chiringuito restaurant is the best food and by far the most astonishingly beautiful setting + view of the restaurants you’ll find anywhere on the central Chilean coast.  Reservations an absolute must on weekends and anytime during high-season in the summer.  Fastastic seafood fresh caught by local fisherman.

New York Times journalist and travel writer Eric Lipton visited this restaurant and reviewed favorably in his article covering the region, read the New York Times article here.

One thought on “Zapallar Restaurants

  1. Lovely swordfish meal at Cesar on Monday May 8 2017. Very quiet day only10 customers and very few on beach except dolphins jumping and 2 suspicious local (shell ) collectors. Returned to our car 200 m away at Playa park 90 minutes later to find broken window passports stolen. 2 days later one of our 2 bags and our passports were recovered and returned to us via PDI at la Capella half way to our Olmue base. Amazing Chile! Thanks Cesar !


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